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Deanne Murphy – Welcome to the Team


Introducing the latest member of the Fitness Tan Team, Deanne Murphy! This motivated young women has been an active member of the competitive Australian fitness community since the beginning, and continues to inspire, mentor, and train aspiring young women whose dreams and goals have lead them to the stage.

We had the pleasure of having the following chat with Deanne about how she started out, her pro model workshop, some of the pitfalls & dangers of dieting, and her sincere advise for young women who want to begin their fitness competition & modelling journey.


Fitness Tan with Deanne Murphy

Deanne Murphy ProfileI grew up on the South Coast of NSW Australia in a small country town called Bodalla.  Being a country girl at heart it encouraged me to be useful with my time so I started dance which I developed Stage Presence then I started training for Athletics and Cross Country.

I excelled at running and once I hit 16 I started going to the local gym to increase my power and strength required for Athletics.
I believe that taking up dance and athletics/gym helped me achieve what I have now and helped me develop muscularity and stage presence that’s required for Bodyshaping and Fitness Modelling.

It goes to show without this foundation a teen would not develop discipline that is required for life as a adult. By having discipline that I developed through my chosen sport and the regular training sessions (that I never missed) had given me the insight that I can go for what I ever I want out of life which is really important.

I moved to Canberra ACT when I was 18 and I started Modeling part time to earn money while studying.  Through modelling I learned more about the stage and how to work behind a camera and of course competing in the local Modelling competitions like Ralph/FHM Bikini model of the year and Miss Indy Car to name a couple.
Modelling gave me the confidence I have now for competing at a Professional level.

I got into competing in Fitness/Bodybuilding when i was sick of competing in seedy bars and clubs up against really skinny girls as I was always more athletic type and felt that if I gave Sports modelling/Fitness a go it would be more suitable for my body type and be treated with appreciation for the hard work I put in.

I competed in a little show in country Wagga Wagga in NSW and entered the Sports Model Division. I felt comfortable straight away but had no idea of the specific poses the girls were doing but placed second anyway due to my presence on stage and was in great shape for that division to be able to place.

This gave me the opportunity to meet one of the judges who was Danny Chau Mr Australia and World Pro Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Danny took me under his wing as he saw potential and then started mentoring me and introduced me to the work of Bodybuilding.

I then competed as a sports model for the next 2 years training and learning about Dieting and the different techniques. In 2007 WNBF was introduced into Australia a 100% drug tested federation Danny brought over from the USA. I learnt that I could push myself to build more muscularity to be able to compete in Figure which was Pro Qualifying, so I had set the challenge for myself that year and was proud to take out the Asia Pacific title and win a Pro Card + $1000 prize money to get myself over to the World Championships in NEW YORK CITY to compete as a Pro.
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I placed 5th that year and then 2008 placed 2nd at the (WNBF )World Pro Natural Championships then I came back again in 2009 and won the Ms Exercise WNBF Pro Natural World Title! I was the first ever Australian Natural Pro to have ever won a Pro World Title.

This awesome achievement has helped boost my Personal Training business which is called Pro Model Workshop and has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people in my industry that share the same passion.

I have traveled back to the US many times to help and assist the WNBF Aussie teams, and it has been fun to be on the opposite side!

Taking a step back from competing has allowed me to be really involved with helping people, building a business, and running two shows of my own in Sydney.



Deanne Murphy Fitness Tan


Tell us about your Pro Model Workshop

Deanne Murphy ProfileI provide Stage Coaching to girls wanting to compete in Bikini, Fitness and Figure and also provide Personal Training to those that want to make improvements on their Fitness and well-being.Deanne Murphy Quote

I have had many girls place a local and international shows and go very far in the sport and in the industry, so I am really proud to have given them the guidance and knowledge to take that first step towards accomplishing their goals.

Some of my clients have now developed their own E-books for clean eating & Strength and conditioning, some have picked up modelling work with major companies in Australia, and some have even gone on to start their own Stage Coaching business.

I am known for guiding the girls from start to finish and having fun while doing it, especially those that have confidence issues to start with I give them that helping hand to the stage.



What are your Fitness Goals?

Deanne Murphy ProfileI am planning to get in shape for next years WNBF World Championships 2015. I feel that it is time for me to get back to the stage.

I have learned more about nutrition as it keeps on evolving, and my body has changed over the years as well. These are all things I will take that into consideration when I start my programs.

I am always in reasonable shape and do stick to my plans through the week with the occasional re feed meal on the weekends.

It is hard I know to stick to a program when you live a busy life and schedule, but always being reminded of your goals that you set yourself does help.


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Fitness Tan Deanne Murphy

Deanne Murphy ProfileI keep motivated by being around people that have the same frame of mind as I do, we share the same passion and drive so being around this kind of energy really Deanne Murphy quote on Motivationhelps me a lot.

I also remind myself of my goals by placing pictures of things that can come out of it such as the figure suit that I would love to wear or pictures of beautiful figure competitors with abs. Having visual reminders of what you are setting out to achieve plays a big part in helping you complete your little daily goals (like getting out of bed and into the gym!).



Overcoming Hurdles

Deanne Murphy ProfileThe biggest would be metabolic issues from dieting for so many years back to back without much of a break combined with the level of dieting it takes to compete at such a high level.

I learned more about my body and learned about different techniques when it comes to dieting and nutrition to help over come this problem. I am happy to say that I am now prepared for this when I next prep myself as I know now the dangers of low calorie diets combined with over training.

I used to train 3 hours a day in 2009 for 8 weeks before the big one (the World Championships) where I was so hungry for a win. I didn’t know at the time but I was exhausting myself and doing a lot of damage that didn’t occur until I actually had a break after my last show. I am lucky there have been no injuries and have learned from this experience, I know it will help me be a better competitor in 2015.


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Advice from Deanne Murphy

Deanne Murphy Profile

I will stay best advice is to research for a coach that is reputable and has been around in the industry for more than 5 years at least. A coach is needed to assist you with whats required for the stage such as posing and stage presence and to help motivate you to keep your eye on the prize. The training gets hard and it will feel like there is no changes, but to see any changes it can take time so patience is key!Be Real about your Goals

Be real about your goals you can’t expect to place at your first show so feel proud to have made it to the stage at all as it takes discipline and sacrifice.  I recommend to start working on a model portfolio if you’re interested in getting into paid work as a fitness model, look for a reputable photographer that has worked with other fitness models that understands the poses and right lighting to show your best assets and beauty. And work on not just fitness/sport type look but also glamour and fashion to show flexibility with your ‘look’.

By having a professional portfolio it will help when approaching suitable agents that will be potentially represent you and will assist when going for castings advertised.

Stick with women that are positive, uplifting, on the same wave length, and share the same passion as you. There are unfortunately many woman who are very competitive and negative,and the last thing you want is for this to rub off on to you. Being around people with a positive light can help boost you, remember you want to have fun while achieving your dreams.


So there you have it, an extensive insight to one of the industries most down to earth women, Deanne Murphy. Fitness Tan is so incredibly proud to welcome her to the team, we can’t wait to see what she does in 2015!

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