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Guy Borgas Joins the Team

The team at Fitness Tan is very excited to welcome athlete & fitness competitor Guy Borgas to our ranks! We had the pleasure of getting to know Guy a little bit better this week, and we invite you to do the same. Read on!

Guy Borgas Fitness Tan


Fitness Tan Interview IconHave you always been focused on being fit and healthy?


Guy Borgas ProfileI was very fortunate at the age of 16 to play professional Rugby League for the Gold Coast Titans and also Cronulla Sharks, ever since learning more about nutrition and training through both clubs was definitely an unbelievable starting point for me at such a young age.


Fitness Tan Interview IconWhat/ Who inspired you to pursue a career in fitness?


Guy Borgas ProfileI loved the gym, just being in the gym or training hard was the biggest thing for me. Sonny Brown was my biggest inspiration, luckily enough I started my career as a trainer at the same gym as Sonny and we developed a great friendship out of respect and honesty between each other.

Guy Borgas Competition Ready


Fitness Tan Interview IconWhat was your proudest moment of 2014?


Guy Borgas ProfileStepping on stage for the first time at the ANB and placing 3rd in the Muscle Model division.



Fitness Tan Interview IconWhat would you say motivates you to stay committed to your goals?


Guy Borgas ProfileI want people to look at me and see someone they can look up to, and also help guide them to a better healthier lifestyle. So I Believe in practice what you preach.


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Fitness Tan Interview IconHow important is a quality tan to you when it comes to competing?


Guy Borgas ProfileA quality tan is so crucial to competing, the darkness brings out the depth of the muscle and definition. If we didn’t have the dark tan we would wash out under the bright lights.


Fitness Tan Interview IconAs a personal trainer, what is the most rewarding thing about your job?


Guy Borgas ProfileFeedback from my clientele, receiving random messages saying thank you and just showing appreciation because I wear my heart on my sleeve.


Guy Borgas Training


Fitness Tan Interview IconIf you could give one piece of advice to young men & women interested in getting serious about competing, what would it be?


Guy Borgas ProfileCompeting has absolutely changed my life, it surrounded me with good positive like minded people who want to better themselves and also help you along the way. It empowers me to make the most out of each day, so if you are considering competing, my advice is to jump right in.


Guy Borgas Fitness Tan
Thank you for reading!  Want to find out more about Guy’s training programs? You can contact him via the details below.
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