Hello Careen

Hello Careen


Fitness Tan is pleased to welcome WBFF Pro Diva Careen Killingbeck to the FT Athlete team. We met Careen at the WBFF Gold Coast show this last May 2015, and have since been inspired by her powerful story. Careen has overcome many obstacles to become who she is today, and remains a shining example as to what can be achieved if you refuse to give up.

Continue reading to see our short interview with Careen and learn a little bit more about this inspiring athlete.


What / who inspired you to become a part of the Fitness Industry?
I suffer from depression and was looking for a way to combat it without the use of medication. I found that training helped me stay focused and work towards something positive. I became addicted to how training made me feel – strong, capable, unstoppable, healthy, and happy. From there I studied my Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma in Fitness so I could help people feel as fantastic about themselves as I do when I train and work hard.


Why did you select the WBFF to compete in? Do you compete/ have you competed in any other federations?
I have competed with the IFBB and the INBA as well as the WBFF. By far the WBFF has been the most amazing federation. I chose to compete with the WBFF because of the high standard of athlete that steps up on stage and I love that they really promote individuality, which for me makes it so much more fun. Being able to express who I am onstage is definitely a highlight.

If you had to sum up your personal fitness philosophy in one sentence, what would it be?
Stronger Body, Stronger mind.


When you won your WBFF pro card, what went through your head?
Haha “don’t cry, don’t cry”

It was hands down one of the best feelings in the world. After years of competing and working hard towards my goals, It had finally come true! I was so ecstatic.

Tell us a little bit about your work as a personal trainer, what inspired you to start training others?
What inspired me to start training others was simply how training made me feel. I am so much stronger physically and mentally and I am just honestly and purely happy.

I no longer see the negative side of things, I no longer hate my body, I no longer care what others think. I get to help women everyday feel amazing about themselves, I get to show them that with a little hard work and a different perspective they to can be the healthiest and happiest they have ever been.

My clients get results because they way my programming works is easy and enjoyable. I don’t offer a quick fix, I offer a lifestyle; a healthy, happy way of training and thinking. That’s exactly how I feel about my training and exactly what I want to promote.


Who do you look up to as your own “fitspiration”?
Ashley Horner is definitely one of my fitspirations. She is badass and trains dirty.

What do you hope to achieve as a fitness athlete in the coming year?

My two goals for the year of 2015 were to win my pro card and compete on the international stage.

I won my Pro card with the WBFF at the beginning of the year and am heading to Vegas in August for the WBFF Worlds. Two of my ultimate goals will be completed which makes me extremely happy.


If you could give one piece of advice to young women interested in getting into the world of fitness modelling, what would it be?

Focus on you and where you want to be, work hard to achieve your goals, enjoy the process,  and most importantly have fun and be happy!






Careen Killingbeck’s Notable Achievements: 


– WBFF Gold Coast 2015:
1st Place Bikini Diva Tall & Awarded with a Pro Card

– PNBA Elite Pro Bikini Qualifier 2015

– INBA NSW Championships 2014 – Bikini Open 3rd Place

– INBA NSW Championships 2014 – Bikini Intermediate 2nd Place

– INBA NSW Championships 2014 – Bikini Novice 5th Place

– INBA South Coast Classic 2014 – Bikini Open 1st Place

– INBA South Coast Classic 2014 – Bikini Novice 3rd Place