Welcome Lauren Ashleigh

Lauren Ashleigh Joins The FT Ranks

WINNER of our WBFF Gold Coast Sponsorship competition, the tenacious Lauren Ashleigh joins the Fitness Tan Athlete ranks as the latest member of our team.

We had the chance to ask Lauren a few questions about herself and her goals, if you have the time read on below, if you don’t have the time… read on anyway!


What / who inspired you to become a part of the Fitness Industry? 

My fitness journey started when I joined the gym with my now sister in law, where an extremely fit and healthy group fitness instructors inspired me several years ago. And, within a matter of months, I too was teaching Les Mills Body Pump, thereafter followed by GRIT and RPM. Before my hunger for all things health & fitness took me down the pathway of completing my formal qualifications in Personal Training, sports nutrition and supplementation.

Amongst all this I started competing and I also managed to find another passion of mine, that being powerlifting. Having only competed for the past 14 months I have won the gold in 4 competitions across ACT and competed at the National level in 2014.

Why did you select the WBFF to compete in? Do you compete in any other federations?

I have always pictured the WBFF as being the Victoria Secrets show of physique competitions. After competing with the WBFF for the first time on the Gold Coast I truly believe it is the most prestigious and glamorous show in fitness and fashion, and an industry leader.

I have competed in INBA, IFBB before however, the WBFF is where I feel at home.









If you had to sum up your personal fitness philosophy in one sentence, what would it be? 

My philosophy in fitness is to have passion. I have embodied this… it is a large part of who I am. Passion for what we do as athletes allows us to endure pain, make sacrifices and keep going. If you’re not doing what you love your wasting your time.

What do you hope to achieve as a fitness athlete in the coming year? 

I am now focused on growth and conditioning for WBFF Figure. My ultimate goal is to earn my Pro Card and represent Australia in Vegas…. I am extremely relentless and won’t ever give up on this.

I also want to improve on all my lifts and have these improvements translate on the platform. I do have a next competition in mind but I’ll keep that one under my hat.

(Deadlift 157.5kg, Squat 115kg, Bench 67.5kg)





Tell us about your position on the Canberra Mustangs team, how did you get started in the LGL ? 

The advert for tryouts popped up in my Facebook news feed through a friend, it took my fancy, so I rocked up. To be honest I had no idea what I was getting myself in for, but I am so glad I took a chance. There is a lot for me to learn, expectations are high and I’m leaping into the unknown, but I’m not afraid of challenge and actually can’t wait for that first big hit on the field. This is the first year Canberra has had a team in the league and I’m thrilled to be a part of the training squad with a great group of athletes. . I truly believe this sport will showcase some of the toughest athletes Australia has to offer and will only be the start of something huge to come in Australian women’s sport.

How would you describe your personal training technique?

I love to lift! The heavier the better.  Incorporating power lifting into my training regime, I believe has been the precursor for major changes to my physique and to an extent has played a major role in my love for the gym.  Lifting heavy gives me a great sense of satisfaction and happiness which I can’t explain.

I am also f45 (Functional Training) obsessed! If I can fit a session in each weekday morning I will. I find this type of training allows me to get my heart rate up and be pushed in a fun environment with friends. I have recently started working at f45, they just can’t get rid of me!

Outside of the physical training technique, I am a big believer in frequent goal setting and personal reflection. I truly believe a strong and developed mind plays a major part in being a successful athlete.






Who do you look up to as your own “fitspiration”?

I look up to Oksana Grishina (IFBB Pro Fitness) as one of the best athletes in the world. Her presence on stage, aesthetics, and her genuine character have left a lasting impression on me and she will continue to be my aspiration, keeping me focused on the pursuit to reaching my goals.

If you could give one piece of advice to young women interested in getting into the world of fitness modelling, what would it be? 

Not everyone is going to understand your journey in this sport. It does consume a large part of your life and takes some time to adjust to social circumstances when prepping for a competition. Just know why you’re on this journey and own it.







Lauren also creates her own fitness inspired jewellery which is available through her facebook page.

If anyone is interested in contacting Lauren for any fitness and healthy lifestyle advice they can do so via the below social media pages.

IG- @laurenashleigh_01
Facebook Page