Body of Rachael

Rachael’s Raffle!

Hello! My name is Rachael Muldoon, and I am the girl behind “Body Of Rachael”. I have been preparing to hit the sky and jet set all the way to Canada for my biggest show so far, the UFE Word Championships, as a Pro Bikini Athlete! But before I go, I need your help!

To get me going on my journey my sponsors, Fitness Tan, Mikes Team and FitnessFirst have put together 2 packs for me to raffle off! One for the boys, and one for the girls!

Body of Rachael Raffle

Both packs will contain the following:

-1 x PH Ready ($29.95)
-1 x Workout Ready lvl3 ($54.95)
-1 x Camera Ready lvl3 ($64.95)
-1 x Competition Ready lvl3 ($74.95)

-A 3 month PLATINUM membership to FitnessFirst, Australia wide.
Valued at $505 each.

– A Mikes Team Shaker (9.95)
– A Mikes Team Shirt (boys) or singlet (girls) ($29.95)
– Mikes Team Exclusive Supplements
EFL-1 Advanced L-carnitine in Peach Flavour (girls)
OR Flatline Pre-Workout (boys) ($79.95)
– Mikes Team Exclusive Supplements 1kg tub of ISO-X hydrolysed whey protein in COCONUT flavor!! ($79.95)

– Dumbell Key Ring ($19.95)

Body of Rachael Raffle

Each Pack is valued at $944.55

Here’s how it will work!
1 ticket = $5
3 tickets =$10
5 tickets =$15

All you have to do is make your deposit through



Bank Deposit:
Rachael Muldoon
BSB 012520
AAC 519077717


Please make sure you put you name down as a reference. I will pool all the tickets into a hat and draw them out in a video post! One Female and one Male will receive an amazing GIFT PACK sent out by my very self!

The winners will be notified November 13th  by via Facebook message and or email with further instructions to claim their prize!

Thank you for your support, and good luck!

xo Rachael Muldoon