Your WBFF Fitness Tan

Your WBFF Tan – What to Expect


Fitness Tan is proud to be the official tan of the WBFF Gold Coast, and part of our role as the official tan & tanning team is to ensure each competitor’s tan meets the standard set by the WBFF federation.

What is the WBFF Standard Tan 

But what is this standard? As you know the WBFF is unlike any other federation, it is where the “best of the best” come to compete, and where Fashion meets Fitness.

 WBFF Fitness Tan Colouring

What the WBFF looks for in a competitor’s tan is very different from all other federations. They do not support the “darker is better” mentality, they are looking for a natural glowing healthy appearance.

 WBFF Mens Competition

In the eyes of the WBFF judges, the more natural your tan, the more it accentuates your natural beauty and hard earned physique.

 WBFF Female Pros


But how can the same tan be right for EVERY competitor?

Each person competing in the WBFF is unique, and this is what the WBFF wants to celebrate. Our competition tan is perfectly suited to meet the WBFF standard as it will not “paint” everyone exactly the same colour, the tan evolves on your skin and changes colour to match and augment YOUR natural definition and glow.


So will your tan look the same as the person standing next to you?

No, your tan is tailor made to your skin and body, and what is right for you is not necessarily right for another person. See below; this is what WBFF Pro Melissa Le Man looks like in her comp tan, it complements her natural skin tone.


The WBFF is a celebration of individuality, a physical manifestation of your passion for Fitness, Fashion, and Life. We will be there to bring the best tan FOR YOU – and that is the WBFF gold standard.

sounds-great-but-i-am-pale-please-tan-me But hey! I’m really pale and my skin doesn’t take well to tan, does this mean I am going to be pale on-stage?

Have no fear, we meant it when we said each tan will be tailored to your skin type. If you are naturally quite pale we will apply the correct amount of tan just for you, so you look your best. Are you going to go so dark your friends and family won’t recognise you? Of course not, that would not be in-keeping with the WBFF’s high standards.

 Alicia Gowans WBFF Pro

The WBFF wants you to look amazing, and 100% YOU. Remember, this federation is a celebration of your inner and outer beauty, let it shine on stage and no one will be able to beat you.


The WBFF standard for competition tans is:
The more natural the better, the aim is to accentuate your natural skin type.

Fitness Tan:
Changes colour on your skin to perfectly suit YOUR skin.

Will everyone’s tan look exactly the same?:
No! The WBFF wants to celebrate your natural individuality.


BONUS! Important Event Information: 


Ladies tanning: Southbreak Room (QT Hotel Gold Coast, 2nd Floor)
Gentlemen’s tanning: Northbreak Room (QT Hotel Gold Coast, 2nd Floor)


Please arrive at least five minutes prior to your tan to allow time to check in.

Running late? Please SMS Fitness Tan on 0412 606 606. We will do our best to accommodate you when you arrive, but please understand during busy appointment times late arrivals may have to wait for the next available appointment time.


  • Wax 48 hours before your tan
  • Shave 24 hours before your tan
  • Exfoliate your skin the night before your tan
  • Avoid all body wash, perfume, deodorant, moisturiser, etc the day of your tan. Moisturise with Fitness Tan’s PH Ready pore clearing moisturiser.


  • Bring loose fitting dark coloured cotton clothing to go home in. AVOID SILK
  • Once home, if you notice the “tan” has “moved” on your skin (such as under your waist band) do not be alarmed. It is simply the bronzer which has moved and your tan will develop evenly.
  • Avoid all forms of moisture for 8 hours
  • Rinse off under cold water after 8 hours
  • Do not scrub in the shower, avoid use of body wash or body oils, pat dry
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing until after the competition
  • Full colour develops in 12 hours