The PH Ready additional option in your booking is a skin balancing and moisturising prep to rub into your skin (particularly any dry areas) after your first shower (once you have dried off). Use this product as much as your skin may need on the day of competition to keep your skin Hydrated and in perfect condition. PH Ready’s lightweight moisturising formula will have your skin instantly glowing ready for stage.
HOT TIP: Have your PH Ready back stage and apply it between stage appearances.
We will apply your WBFF standard spray tan in one 30 minute session.

The morning of your tan avoid deodorant, body oils, body wash, perfume, or any substance which may block your pores.

You will let the tan develop with your skin for 8 hours (leave the tan on no longer than 12 hours) and then rinse in cold water. Full color develops 8 – 12 hours (depending on skin type) after your rinse.

We will be available for touch ups back stage, just come say hello!

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No, it is a standard of the WBFF that all competitor’s tans look as natural as possible.
No, it is a requirement set by the WBFF that all competitors must be tanned in a controlled environment by the official tanning service.
It is the standard of the WBFF that all spray tans should appear natural and fashionable. There will be a WBFF Tan inspector on site to ensure your tan meets the WBFF standard.
No. Your entire tan is to be controlled by the Fitness Tan show crew to ensure you meet WBFF standard.
For your competition tan you may arrive wearing Stage Ready: Base Coat as long as you have not booked a Camera Ready or Workout Ready tan. It is not recommended to wear another brand of tan as a base before your Fitness Tan as mixing unrelated solutions can have adverse side effects.

*WBFF COMPETITORS may NOT wear another brand of tan to their tanning appointment.

Yes, Fitness Tan will remind you via email before your tanning appointment.
If you do not have a confirmation email or paypal receipt, it is likely that your payment did not go through. Please contact Fitness Tan via email ( ) to confirm your booking.
Depending on your skin type & tone our competition product will last anywhere between 4 – 10 days.
If you want to remove the tan completely we recommend using an exfoliating mitt or glove and exfoliating your skin evenly in a tight circular motion.
At this time Fitness Tan does not offer this service.
After we have applied your tan, leave it to set on your skin for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 hours.

VERY IMPORTANT: Avoid all water, sweat, tears, and all other forms of moisture while your tan is setting. After your tan has set rinse off gently under cold water. For optimum color avoid scrubbing or exfoliating over your tan before the completion and avoid swimming / bathing in chlorinated water.

Will we have a designated Fitness Tan quality control manager who will be available to inspect your color. It will be up to him/her to decide if you require any more applications. This person’s job is to ensure your coloring fits the WBFF guidelines and thus gives you the best chance of success.
No, your stage ready tan will be applied during your single 30 minute appointment. If your skin tone should require more colour to meet WBFF standards then more tan will be applied at a time convenient for you at no cost.
No, as the WBFF is a natural fitness – meets – fashion show it is important that your tan looks as natural as possible while showing off all your hard work. We will however have subtle skin illuminators definers available in our backstage tan touch up station.
The WBFF has specified a specific tan for all competitors, our goal will be to make sure all competitors tans look as similar as possible, while still allowing for your natural individuality. Depending on your skin tone & type you may require less or more coats than another competitor, however you only need to book one 30 minute session. If you have fair skin. We recommend booking your tan slot as early as possible so that we can add any extra coloring later in the evening if needed. This will be decided by our tan quality control manager at the competition.
Yes, Fitness Tan will be available back stage all day for any touch ups to your tan you might require.