Frequently asked Product Questions

About Fitness Tan

Fitness Tan creates all of their products with 100% natural ingredients, toning defining and accelerating physique results.

Tried and tested by some of the industry’s top athletes, Fitness Tan has earned it’s status as one of the most highly trusted and quality range of tanning products.


Fitness Tan offers a unique range of tanning products for every stage of your fitness journey.

Workout Ready: A green base tan, perfect for all skin types. This is the tan that WON’T SWEAT OFF! Leave on for 1 hour for medium colour, 3+ hours for a super dark effect.

Camera Ready: A violet based tan, perfect for every skin type. Instantly adds 10% definition so you know you are looking your best for that photoshoot (or selfie).

Stage Ready Base Coat: An ash based tan, perfect for all skin types. This is the gold standard tan for fitness modelling and stage shows, instantly defines and contours the body – no top coat required!

Stage Ready Top Coat: Need to take things further? This ultra dark matte top coat is a wash off tan perfect for body building shows.

Self tan uses an active ingredient to tan your skin called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) a compound derived from sugar. DHA is colourless until left on the skin for the recommended amount of time. The colour you see on your skin upon the application of your Fitness Tan product is called “bronzer” and is not the actual colour of the tan. The bronzer is simply added to aid in application, so you can see where you are applying the tanning solution on your body.
Everyone’s skin is different, as with any cosmetic product we recommend doing a patch test 24 hours before applying any tanning product to your entire body for the first time.
Take a small amount of the tanning product and apply it with a cotton ball to the crease of your elbow or behind your ear and lave dry for 24 hours. If any reaction occurs (such as redness or selling) do not continue use of the product.
Absolutely! All of Fitness Tan’s products are 100% natural and gentle enough for use on facial skin. Of course, we always recommend carrying out a patch test before first time use.
Workout Ready: Min 1 hour
Camera Ready: Min 4 hours
Stage Ready: Min 8 hours
Stage Ready Top Coat: No need to rinse as this is a wash off product.
No, wait until after you have rinsed off for the first time before sweating or otherwise dampening your skin.
All people’s skin naturally exfoliates at a different rate, but your tan will last anywhere between 4 and 7 days. With regular hydration (using PH Ready) your tan could last even longer.
Fitness Tan’s tanning products contain a bronzing colour guide, so you can see exactly where you have and have not applied your tan. For self tanning, we recommend using a tan application mitt to easily achieve an even and blended finish without getting tan on your hands.


Although extremely rare, allergic reactions can occur when using body cosmetic products. Always seek medical advice if you think you are experiencing an allergic reaction. We recommend carrying out a patch test 24 hours before using any Fitness Tan products, whether at home or in salon.
No, there are no SPF products in Fitness Tan. We highly recommend using a sun protection product whenever you plan on exposing your skin to the sun.
Fitness Tan can be used on skin disorders like eczema, however we do recommend completing a patch test 24 hours before use to check for skin sensitivity.
Fake tans can help to visually reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Apply your Fitness Tan product to the area with a cotton ball and allow to develop before rinsing. Repeat every 8 hours until satisfied.
NO. Fitness Tan is against animal testing, all of our products are tested on athletes and never animals.
None of the ingredients in Fitness Tan’s products have any known toxicity.